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About Us

About Us:


We are Sarah and Thomas Jaquet, from Toronto, Canada. With this blog, we take you on a journey through Central and South America to show you the ins and outs of planning, execution, and everything in between. Best of all, we will share our most amazing travel experiences with you.


Why The Shake Escape?


Thomas and I have a long term plan. First, this massive, life changing trip. Then, in late 2018 we will be moving to Paris, France. Thomas is born and raised, so it’s simply a homecoming for him, but for me, it is new horizons upon new horizons. Once we’ve had our fill of leisurely travel from our new home base, the real fun starts. The Shake Escape will be hitting the road as a travelling shake truck!  


Maybe you can journey with us all the way to the finish line and have a shake, on us. What do you say?


With love,


Sarah and Thomas

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