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Things to Do



  1. Fly to Liberia, Costa Rica and travel up into Nicaragua by bus. Flights to Nicaragua tend to be expensive as they are less popular than Costa Rica.

  2. Get in the gym before you take off, you need to be in good shape to tackle the best things to see and do in Nicaragua.

  3. Bring a bit of talc with you. It's so hot and humid, chaffing is a real problem.

  4. Nicaragua is very affordable, if you are backpacking through several countries, do your big dollar items here if you can. They'll be much cheaper than in most other places.

1. The Goliath of Ometepe: Concepción

Only 25% of those brave enough to try to climb this monstrosity, make it to the top. The 8-10 hour round trip hike is extremely steep, dangerous, and exhausting. Though those up for a hardcore challenge, will be rewarded with amazing views, close encounters with howler and capuchin monkeys, and the pleasure of knowing you're a superstar. It's only 3 USD to climb the giant, but you must be accompanied by a guide, it is illegal to do the trek without one.  

2. Punta Jesús María (for serious sunset chasers only)

After long days of hiking, and scooter rides on the Ometepe Island, spend the evening on this tiny stretch of the island where sunsets are king, and locals and tourists throw beach parties where all are welcome. Bring some cooled booze, and eats, and a bathing suit if so inclined. It'll be the best sunset experience you've ever had.

3. Surfing in San Juan del Sur

To be honest, it's too hot and too humid to do anything but take dips in the ocean, so you might as well let your inner surfer dude come to light. The town is surrounded by surf camps. Get in there! Nicaragua is extremely affordable, and the best place to learn new things while saving loads of money.

4. Scuba Diving in the Corn Islands

Little Corn is one of the cheapest places in the world to get SCUBA certified; it'll only run you $330 USD. Plus, if you’re already certified, dives here are super cheap. You can get a package of fun dives, 5 for $150, or single dives for about $35 each. That is a steal! 

5. Cliff Jump at Nicaragua’s Version of the Grand Canyon

Somoto Canyon was only opened up to tourists in 2004, and few outside of Nicaragua have actually heard of it. With it's turquoise blue water surrounded by limestone cliffs you can jump off of or just take a dip and float through the peaceful water. Somoto is said to be one of the best things to see in Nicaragua, don't miss out.

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